The Gerontoludic Society’s organizing committee consists out of an executive board (i.e., the people who actually organize everything) and an advisory board. The function of the latter is to enable the Society to adequately represent its members and serve their needs. We therefore ask that every new member of the Society verifies that her research group or company is represented in the organization committee, or to become a representative themselves. Ideally, every research group or company that does work related to play in later life would be represented in the advisory board.

These are the benefits of joining the advisory board:

  • Your research group is represented in the Gerontoludic Society, and will be a part of its efforts to promote discussion, collaboration and dissemination.
  • You get a vote whenever there are elections for the executive board (to represent your research group or company).
  • You will be invited whenever the full organization committee has a meeting.
  • You will gain access to the news post module of our website. You can use this to promote your research group or company’s work (after approval of the editors).

In return, all we ask is that you will help to promote the Gerontoludic Society and the work of its members.

Please use the following link to sign up for our advisory board. Accounts are approved manually. Once you are approved, you can follow the steps in our website tutorial section to setup your profile on the website. If you are just looking to join our mailing list, then please sign up for our Google Group instead.

For more information about the advisory board and the structure of the Gerontoludic Society, please find our bylaws here. (The text in the bylaws page will always have priority over the text above in the event that there are inconsistencies between both texts.) For any questions, please use the Google Group or contact us directly.